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Energy Efficiency

windows in good working order is important not only for your comfort, but also for your budget!

To understand how windows can perform, consider where efficiency is gained or lost. Energy efficiency can be measured and reported in different ways.

  • U-factor: interior heat escape, and the lower the number the better.
  • R-factor: interior heat conserved, and the higher the number, the better.
  • Solar Gain Coefficient: heat retained from exposure to sunlight; lower numbers are better.

The total effectiveness of a window depends both on the frame material and the glass. Old aluminum frames allow the maximum amount of heat transfer in either direction. Wood is a poor conductor of heat, are vinyl and fiberglass.

When an Inst-I-Glass technician arrives on-site to replace glass in an existing window or door, they are replacing the most important component from an energy standpoint. We have chosen to use the industry's recognized leader in warm-edge technology, Edgetech IG, in the fabrication of every insulated glass unit we make on our manufacturing trucks.

Why We Choose Super Spacer

Edgetech's Super Spacer beats the competition across the board, from longevity, to heat transfer, to comfort.

To learn more about the performance of insulated glass fabricated with Super Spacer, please visit:

P1 chamber test simulates long-term exposure to extreme weather variations to estimate longevity in real-world usage. Super Spacer out-performed all competitors.
Measurements of the interior surface temperature of glass utilizing different types of spacer demonstrates the ability of Super Spacer to maintain a comfortable home and office environment.
Third-party testing confirms the Super Spacer has the industry's best thermal performance, conserving heat indoors in the winter, and reducing heat gain in the summer.

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