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Insulated Glass

Today, window and door glass is an engineered component of the overall appearance and function in modern homes and other structures. Gone are the days of single pane glass and simple repairs. Also known as double pane insulating glass, thermopane or thermal glass, insulated glass came into common use in the 1970's, and with rising energy costs and concern for the environment, became wide-spread in the 1980's. Today, in addition to double pane glass, triple pane glass is gaining popularity.

Modern windows and doors use smooth, distortion-free glass, known as plate glass, float glass, or flat glass. Glass is fabricated into an insulated unit consisting of two or three panes of glass, spacer material, and a sealant. If any one of these components becomes damaged or compromised, replacement is the first line of defense against lost energy efficiency, water damage, mold growth, or wood rot.

You may have noticed a window that just won't come clean, or perhaps a home inspector found glass that has become fogged. In most cases, Inst-I-Glass has found that once moisture is drawn inside the insulated glass unit, the most effective and economical choice is to replace the unit. This allows the sash and frame to be used again, keeping the aesthetics of the property intact.

Can Inst-I-Glass remove the fog?

In some cases when a particular piece of glass would be expensive to replace or extraordinarily difficult to match, your Inst-I-Glass technician may recommend surface restoration through polishing the glass with special equipment to remove mineral deposits, etching, and scratches. The unit can then be sealed again and installed back into the frame.

We are occasionally asked if it is possible to simply wash the inside of the window glass to remove moisture, deposits, and mold. Inst-I-Glass does not perform or recommend this approach, because it never addresses the original failure of the unit – the problem is masked, not solved.
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Why settle for what already failed?

Our proprietary process is designed to make your replacement window glass better than the original! Why pay for a replacement unit of glass with the same technology that failed in the first place? Our mobile manufacturing processes are used to create most of the replacement window glass we install – right at your door – using superior materials for replacement glass that is better than the original.

Inst-I-Glass mobile manufacturing process uses only Super Spacer to deliver superior quality:

Full metal spacer is a poor insulator, and easily accumulates condensation.
Less metal spacer results in a moderate reduction in condensation and energy loss.
Super Spacer uses no metal, dramatically reducing condensation and improving energy efficiency.

Other glass needs, too?

Your Inst-I-Glass representative can assist you in your insulated window glass replacement needs, as well as special orders such as door glass, shower enclosures, table tops, and custom mirrors. Call today to learn more about our glass replacement services.

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