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Insurance Claims for Damaged Glass

Do you think you may need to file an insurance claim for damaged glass?

In many cases, you might be surprised to learn that the replacement cost is lower than your deductible! How's this? First, your insurance company will send a board-up service. Later, they may recommend the entire window be replaced. Suddenly, you're over your deducible, and you have a claim on your record. Inst-I-Glass may be able to restore the window and prevent the need for you to file a claim against your policy.

In the vast majority of cases, Inst-I-Glass will arrive, measure, fabricate the replacement glass, all within about an hour. We try hard to work emergency calls into our schedule, but we also can dispatch a technician to your home during off hours if you need service urgently to secure your property and keep your family safe.

So why wait for a board-up service, then wait days or weeks for replacement glass or a whole new window, when we can complete the job within hours of your call to us? Call us first!

We've seen it all! Glass breakage is always an unpleasant surprise. Among the calls we've received, customers have reported broken glass from:

  •   • Violent wind and flying objects, or hail
  •   • Drivers who didn't quite stop in time
  •   • A deer (perhaps trying to fight its reflection?)
  •   • A ten-year old girl with a strong arm and a football
  •   • An airborne bowling ball from the neighbor's yard. (Yes, really. We
         were surprised, too!)

Remember: It's important to document the damage with photographs before Inst-I-Glass arrives. If you have extensive damage and you will end up filing an insurance claim, you want to be able to provide proof of the condition of the windows that were broken. When our glass technician completes the repairs, it may be difficult to convince your agent or adjuster there was ever a problem!

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